Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Buying a Balance Bike

With so many balance bikes available, it is difficult not to feel overwhelmed by the choices.

But don’t worry. We’ve made it easy for you…

What Exactly is a Balance Bike?

A balance bike is a bike with two wheels that does not have pedals.

The first known balance bike was actually invented in Europe back in the 1800’s. The purpose of a balance bike is to teach children the art of balance and steering without the distraction of having to pedal.

Riders are propelled forward by pushing off the ground with their feet in a running or striding motion. Once balance is achieved in this format, the transition to a pedal bike is quite fluid.


The most important part of finding the perfect bike for your child is the fit.

In the case of balance bikes, bigger is NOT better!

Make sure that your child’s in seam is no shorter than the lowest seat height listed.

Your child should be able to sit on the bike with his feet flat on the ground… to start!

As he becomes more comfortable on his bike, gradually raise the seat (or encourage him to sit back farther on the seat if you go with a Kid dimoto model), until just the balls of his feet are touching the ground when sitting.

For the littlest of riders, the Strider bike is a great option as they have one of the lowest seat heights in the industry, yet with their XL seat post, these bikes will grow with your child. Also, Wishbone’s 3 in 1 model accommodates children as young as one!


Next, consider the material of the bike. Your two choices are Metal and Wood. Ultimately, it really comes down to your personal preference.


Metal balance bikes are a really good choice for children who want to off-road and who are more likely to be riding in all types of weather. They can also be a more lightweight option.


For the more ecological customer, some wooden bikes, such as those in the Wishbone and Foot Cycles line, are made from preservative-free, sustainable and organic materials. Wooden bikes also have a more natural look and feel.

Both types of balance bike are an excellent way to get your child out and riding, so personal preference plays a large part in this choice!


There are typically 2 types of tires: EVA Polymer (solid rubber) and Pneumatic (air filled).

If your child will be doing lots of off-roading, consider a bike with EVA polymer tires that won’t pop on tough terrain.

For a smoother ride, on mostly paved surfaces, look into pneumatic tires.


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