Decline in Social Order

Good parenting is most pivotal for the good upbringing of your child. When a child becomes teen, it is not that easy to manage him as he is growing as an adult and there are lots of mental and physical changes that take place in him which is just a normal course. At this important stage, the parents must understand the child and his problems. Although some children get due care from their parents, yet most of them don’t get proper attention which lead them towards an aimless goal.

In this current generation, we are creating the crowd of the angry children due to their not so good way of thinking and endless eccentricity of their age. They want to get a thing then and there and to wait is not accepted to them. They are not willing to make sincere efforts in achieving their goals. As they want immediate results, they turn to negativity if they don’t get them in a desired way. There are many instances where parents fail to treat their children in a good way which results in making them disruptive and aggressive. The behavior of today’s youth is much different from the youth of the past. While the old generation was very keen in undertaking their goals with full enthusiasm and a zeal to get a respectable place in the society, today’s youth is in a hurry and is engulfed into several burning issues of the society such as unemployment, overpopulation, bad education scenario in the country, disparity in the social order and so on. That is why young people indulge in unsocial/illegal activities to fulfill their desires of attaining high place.

Consequently, crime reports display the negative attitude and the long-buried anxiety and depression emerging among the young generation due to the want of money and the non-availability of basic necessities of life. sometimes it is found out that some of the youngsters with good education backgrounds seem restless and commit heinous crimes to fulfill their immediate goals. To a greater extent several factors are responsible for the pitiable plight of youngsters such as apathy of teachers and parents towards their pupils/wards in regard to transforming high level human values, improper professional guidance, low moral attitude, negative impact of TV and Internet, Relationship. The lack of all these elements in youth lead them to robbery, road rage, cheating, being dropouts, misguiding people for their selfish motives.

Allocation of more and more funds in the field of education is quite inevitable so it is required that a desirable atmosphere of high level of educational system may be evoked. By that way,today’s younger generation will be able to get job according to their aspirations and will tend to make further high level researches in the field of medical science, nuclear science and a high level social order may evolve that will be a proper reward of honesty, fair and hard work. Undoubtedly, this new system will be a source of inspiration to those youngsters who become distracted and can move on a right track to meet real goals of life. Plus, the elders too can’t isolate themselves from the accountability and responsibility of proper upbringing of the young generation.

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