Beliefs Control Your Choices – What Do You Believe?

A belief is something you accept on faith

… is something you have a strong conviction about

… is something you consider to be true and honest

… is mental acceptance of something or someone

A belief is also an acceptance of something good or bad / right or wrong. If you have a strong conviction that something is true… it becomes part of your belief system.

Your beliefs determine your behavior. Behavior is the things you do daily – the things that you are consistent in how you react to. Your beliefs will also control your choices. Choices are decisions you make based on what is important to you. Your choices help make the things you believe in happen. Note I said “help”. I know there are times when you make the right choices for all the right reasons and the outcome is not what you planned on or wanted. However, without making choices you cannot ever make the important things you believe in happen.

Here are three true stories showing how beliefs affected these teens behavior and choices.

W.G. was a beautiful gal at 17, with a very ethnic look. Her bone structure was beautiful and she photographed amazingly. However, she was quite short in terms of the modeling community and was told repeatedly by reputable agencies that she would never work much in the industry. She chose not to believe that and continue to pursue anyone who would represent her. She turned to irreputable agencies and scam artists who preyed on her desire to succeed in the print modeling world. She found herself in uncomfortable and compromising situations because she believed something that was wrong. She believed she could do something she could not and it affected her choices and behavior.

C.B. had a beautiful singing voice. Although she desired to be an actress, her forte was in singing and she would often sing to relax herself as she prepared for acting auditions. She was told time after time that she should pursue local musical gigs that could use this talent while allowing her to act. She questioned her talent to the point that she would not believe something was right. She followed that belief and did not pursue a musical career at all and eventually even gave up on acting.

L.H. was a natural when it came to creating art. He could make a canvas come to life nearly effortlessly. Early one he knew he loved to create and he believed that he was indeed gifted in that area. He chose to believe the truth and he went on to get a B.A. in art and is still creating art regularly. His choices and behavior were a response to his belief.

So, what do you believe? About being happy – About yourself – About God

If I told you that you were capable of doing something…

or that you were not capable of doing something…

and you BELIEVED me – how would it affect your choices/ behavior?

Do you believe God made you?

I believe the Bible is living and valid – not just a textbook full of history and rules. I also believe that life is not pointless. I believe that we are here on earth to enjoy God’s creation all around us – and to share how big God is and how big His love is for us.

God says this about himself in the book of John in the Bible. God also says that He has a plan/purpose for your life.

In Psalms it says God put you together before you were born. Do you believe GOD? So WHAT is your purpose? Your purpose is to glorify God every moment of every day. To glorify means to reveal or make clearer the glory of (God) by your actions.

Do you choose to believe this about your life? If so, how will this affect your behavior and choices?

Sometimes your choices have to be spur of the moment based on the situation and perhaps a crisis. If you do not know what you really believe or what is important to you during those times you generally will not make the best choice. You will take the easiest way out – at least the way that seems the easiest at the moment.

Your choices can mess up your life in seconds – and you have a life of seconds to live. If you live to 75 years old you will have lived 2.4 trillion seconds. Just one of those seconds can change your life forever.

The BIGGEST CHOICE YOU WILL EVER MAKE IS WHETHER TO BELIEVE IN JESUS. If you choose to believe what the Bible says about who Jesus is and that He came to save you from your sins, you will act on that belief in your behavior and choices each day.

There is no other belief that will affect your life as much as this belief. The Bible simply says, “believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.”

If you don’t really know much about Jesus, I would challenge you to pick up the Bible (try the English Standard Version – it is easy to understand) and read the book of John in the New Testament. The life Jesus lived was a life based on who He was. His behavior and choices always were in response to who He was and what He believed.

If you have already made a decision to believe in Jesus, I would challenge you to study how that belief is reflected in your daily behavior and choices. As you study, if you see that your behavior and choices are not strongly based on your belief in Jesus – study more about Him and who He is and His desires for you to live and abundant life.

Remember that tomorrow is another day of seconds. How will you live and what will you believe to make those seconds add up to a life full of joy, peace and contentment?

Carin Hansen has been helping women and men, of all ages, look their best through articles, blogs, books, seminars and workshops for much of her life. Because she interacts with many lives, in very personal ways, she has unique insights into the spiritual struggles both men and women alike face.

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