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Key Things To Consider In The Personalized Children’s Book You Want To Order

Today, you can see kids as young as one year old playing various games on different types of mobile devices. Many health experts say that this is a bad habit that children, especially pre-school ones, should not get into since it is unhealthy. Staring at the screen of a mobile device for a long time can have bad effects on a child’s eyes. This habit can also negatively affect a child’s socialization and emotional faculties.

If you’re looking for a healthy habit that your child should get into or develop, reading is always a recommended activity. Reading is a great brain-boosting activity and if done with everyone in the household, it can also be a wonderful family bonding experience as well.

A lot of young kids though won’t easily get into the habit of reading. They may find some books boring or simply not to their liking. This problem though can be easily remedied by getting some personalized children’s books.

By choosing the right company that specializes in creating personalized story books, you can have one (or more) that your child will surely love to read. And if it’s your first time to have a personalized children’s book made, below are some of the important things that need to be considered in its creation:

Your child’s likes and dislikes. Your primary goal of getting a customized book is to have something that your child will want to read. As such, you need to know what your child is interested in and what he or she doesn’t like and use these in the plot or theme of the book. Know which animals or pets your little one loves the most so that they can be featured heavily in the book. Make sure you know what types of food, snacks, or beverages your child prefer as well so that they can also be included in the personalized book. By putting the things that your child loves the most, you can be sure that he or she will love reading this book.

Appropriate high quality images. Kids love books that have colorful and vivid images. Make sure the personalized books will have plenty of these. However, you also have to make sure that the images that will be placed are relevant to the theme or plot and they are age-appropriate as well.

The capability of the shop you will choose to create the personalized story book. Lastly, the quality of the book you will get will depend greatly on the company you will select to take on this task. Make sure the company has a good track record in terms of delivering the best or satisfactory results. The company should also have a creative and competent team that can expertly create the book you want. Lastly, the company’s staff should always act professionally and at the same time, take into consideration all your particular needs or demands for the personalized children’s book. Check out customer reviews and the portfolio of the company you are considering for this job to make sure you will be choosing the best one.


Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Buying a Balance Bike

With so many balance bikes available, it is difficult not to feel overwhelmed by the choices.

But don’t worry. We’ve made it easy for you…

What Exactly is a Balance Bike?

A balance bike is a bike with two wheels that does not have pedals.

The first known balance bike was actually invented in Europe back in the 1800’s. The purpose of a balance bike is to teach children the art of balance and steering without the distraction of having to pedal.

Riders are propelled forward by pushing off the ground with their feet in a running or striding motion. Once balance is achieved in this format, the transition to a pedal bike is quite fluid.


The most important part of finding the perfect bike for your child is the fit.

In the case of balance bikes, bigger is NOT better!

Make sure that your child’s in seam is no shorter than the lowest seat height listed.

Your child should be able to sit on the bike with his feet flat on the ground… to start!

As he becomes more comfortable on his bike, gradually raise the seat (or encourage him to sit back farther on the seat if you go with a Kid dimoto model), until just the balls of his feet are touching the ground when sitting.

For the littlest of riders, the Strider bike is a great option as they have one of the lowest seat heights in the industry, yet with their XL seat post, these bikes will grow with your child. Also, Wishbone’s 3 in 1 model accommodates children as young as one!


Next, consider the material of the bike. Your two choices are Metal and Wood. Ultimately, it really comes down to your personal preference.


Metal balance bikes are a really good choice for children who want to off-road and who are more likely to be riding in all types of weather. They can also be a more lightweight option.


For the more ecological customer, some wooden bikes, such as those in the Wishbone and Foot Cycles line, are made from preservative-free, sustainable and organic materials. Wooden bikes also have a more natural look and feel.

Both types of balance bike are an excellent way to get your child out and riding, so personal preference plays a large part in this choice!


There are typically 2 types of tires: EVA Polymer (solid rubber) and Pneumatic (air filled).

If your child will be doing lots of off-roading, consider a bike with EVA polymer tires that won’t pop on tough terrain.

For a smoother ride, on mostly paved surfaces, look into pneumatic tires.


5 Chores That Your Child Can (and Should) Do

Every child grows up at a different pace. The benefits of engaging your child into household chores are numerous. Inculcating within them a feeling that they are a significant part of the family results in understanding of major life skills, their responsibilities and most importantly, they begin to specialize in the tasks. Chores show kids that a family is built on obligations and how family members should help each other. Here’s a list of five chores that every child can (and should) do all by themselves:


Your child should be able to put on their own clothes properly and make their own bed with all the things kept in the respective drawers. As a parent, one should resolve not to whip up a messy bed until they have left. This is a chance to see if they have actually given a thought about your early morning lectures.


I am not talking about washing or ironing it yet, but every child should be able to put their clothes in a designated basket and put the folded clothes away. Being responsible of collection of their clothes that they once gave to the drycleaner is something that every mother expects his/her child to do.


Whether it’s playing with toys, video games or a PS4, their job is to make sure that they should be able to put away when they are done using it. Despite what children think, putting away does not necessarily mean stuffing it in-an-already-stuffed cupboard.


Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, children of all ages should be able to do basic meal preparations while their mothers are busy running errands. If not, least they should do is to help arrange food and drinks on the table, stir something or help put spices in.

You can help her by bringing in fruits and vegetables from the grocery store. Or everything aside, various applications today are designed in such a way that you can instruct them to do these jobs for you.


Talking about etiquettes, all kids should take their own plates to the sink, dumping the leftovers in the trash and help clean over. They can wipe off the table and as they grow old, they can help clean the dishes. Parents should keep telling them that they are doing well which in turn will encourage them and they’ll feel rewarded.

However, it is better to not lure them by the means of pocket money increment for doing chores than contribute to the household, instead tell them that helping out with the errands is a good job and their contribution is highly respected. Most of all, APPRECIATION IS THE KEY!

Reader, former blog writer at Maybelline India and current marketing intern at Russsh Corporate Services, the #1 delivery service in Mumbai. Caught the writing bug somewhere between the historic streets of Mumbai and exploring the very basis of surreal space we reside in.

Your Word and Your Reputation!

Please don’t ever forget that a person is only as good as their word and reputation. So always protect both! Think about making a good first impression… We only get one chance to make a really good first impression. Our word and our reputation are going to be a big part of that first impression, right?

So let’s fight with all that we have to keep our word and our good reputation. Someday we’re going to need both. Hopefully when that day comes both our word and reputation will still be fully functioning and not damaged beyond repair.

Things happen. We all know things happen; that’s just the way the world is. Unfortunately, when things do happen many times it becomes very painful to keep our word because the circumstances have changed since we promised whatever it was that we promised. Remember, nothing ever stays the same, and that’s exactly why we should never over-promise. Over-promising usually forces us to under-deliver when things change. Instead of over-promising, let’s always under-promise so we can, more often than not, get lucky by over-delivering in good times and not getting so messed up in bad times.

If we’ve done the right things, even during the tough times, then our word and our reputation will still be intact. With an undamaged word and reputation we can start over and rebuild our life even better than we did the last time. In short, we can lose everything, but yet still not lose everything because we still have our dependable word and reputation working for us. In contrast, though, with a beat up word and reputation we will still have an awful lot to overcome, even when it seems like the worst should be behind us.

Now teens, go learn, lead, and lay the way to a better world for all of us. Remember, a person is only as good as their word and reputation, so vigilantly guard both regardless of any rough times that you may be facing. And once again, thanks in advance for all that you do, and all that you will do…